How to Review Documents

After your client uploads documents to a request link, you will receive an email notification detailing which checklist items were responded to. You will also receive a link to the the dashboard page for the respective request.

From the dashboard page, you will see the uploaded documents as you scroll down with options to Approve or Reject.

By clicking the Approve button, you will see a dialog window pop up with options to provide a message to your client and either approve the checklist item or mark it as incomplete.

Marking a checklist item as incomplete will accept the selected files but prompt the client upload more documents. Approving the checklist item will not prompt the client to upload more documents but will allow them to upload more if they choose.

Both the approve and mark incomplete options will by default accept the current files. Accepted documents will have a green checkmark next to their entries in the file list. Newly submitted files will not have the green checkmark and are pending review.

You may also reject the submission entirely and provide your client with an error message if the files are unacceptable. Rejected documents are hidden by default and will not be exported when you choose to export the request.

At any point, you may also select files from the list and accept or reject them manually to let your team members know that they have been reviewed.

After you have received all documentation required, you can mark the request as complete to lock the request link and notify the client that no further action is required.